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What will aprear on your credit card statement

EZI*Movie Tkts

Please remember this when checking your statement. The details of your purchase will appear in a red box on the centre of your online ticket, this information advises what the details of your purchase.

If you purchase tickets and then do not present for the booked session and fail to advise the location the of your inablity to attend you will be charged for those seats as we cannot sell those seats to other customers. Once sold we are obliged to pay the film distributor for any booked seats be they occupied or empty.

Please do not contact the Internet Booking Service for refunds as we are not empowered to issue refunds without written authorisation from the Venue or location.

If you are requesting changes you will need to contact the Venue or location directly as only they can authorise changes. The contact details of the Venue or location are on the tickets and each booking screen.

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