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What We Do

We have been providing ticketing services in Australia in a reliable, inexpensive and no fuss manner for more than two decades. Movie Tkts currently operates stand-alone and integrates directly with the VenueMaster box office ticket system allowing tickets to be sold online in real time.

Fully Responsive

Our online booking pages are fully responsive with a clear and simple user interface to quickly get your customers their tickets, including the ability to choose your own seats. Bookings are updated in real-time to your box office system.

We Take Payment

Forget the hassle of setting up a merchant account, you can securely integrate into ours. You may also BYO your own merchant facility. Our servers are secured with SSL and have passed stringent PCI compliance.

Scan Your Ticket

Our tickets are coded using industry standard code128 and QRCode barcodes. We can provide scanner technology to scan your customers at the door via a print at home ticket OR directly from a mobile screen

Optional Extras

We provide additional functionality in the form of voucher and member sales, member renewals, validate member tickets, voucher redemptions, gift and/or store card payment and group bookings, all of which are fully integrated into your box office system.

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Who We Are

Proudly Australian owned

Movie Tkts is an Australian owned company successfully providing clients in the cinema and theatre business with real-time online ticketing.

For pricing and more details on how easily Movie Tkts can increase your ticketing sales by opening up the opportunities available on the internet and mobile services please email your details to our sales department who will promptly reply and get you on a fast track to real-time online ticketing contactus@movietkts.com.au