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109 mins.


In 1893, heavily pregnant Molly Johnson and her children struggle in isolation to survive the harsh Australian landscape after her husband left to go droving sheep in the high country. One day, she finds a shackled Aboriginal fugitive named Yakada wounded on her property. As an unlikely bond begins to form between them he reveals secrets about her true identity. Realizing Molly\u2019s husband is actually missing, new town lawman Nate Clintoff starts being suspicious and sends his constable to investigate.

Drama  Western  Thriller 

Friday 27/05/2022 - Lyric

Friday 27/05/2022 - St George's

Saturday 28/05/2022 - Lyric

Sunday 29/05/2022 - Lyric

Monday 30/05/2022 - Lyric

Tuesday 31/05/2022 - Lyric

Wednesday 01/06/2022 - Lyric